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Tartu Ski Marathon
Tartu Marathon is the biggest one in Eastern Europe, which brings together about 10 000 participants every year.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee
15 February 2015
Miss Valentine
Miss Valentine is an international gymnastics tournament held each year in February in Estonia.
CONTACT: www.vkjanika.ee
20-22 February 2015
World Film
World Film is primarily dedicated to cinema art and creative documentary, which aims to build a so called bridge, between the film maker and viewer.
CONTACT: www.worldfilm.ee
14-23 March 2015
Student Festival “Tartu Spring Days”
Tartu Spring Days is a week-long festival, where the control over the city, is given to the students.
CONTACT: www.studentdays.ee
27 April - 3 May 2015
Literature Festival “Prima Vista”
Prima Vista is a party, where both author and reader feel good and Tartu is filled with literature.
CONTACT: www.kirjandusfestival.tartu.ee
6-9 May 2015
Tartu Running Marathon
Tartu Marathon is the biggest cross-country running marathon in the Baltic States with thousands of participants attending every year.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee
10 May 2015
Pop Choirs Party
“The Pop Choirs Party” (“Popkooripidu”) is a form of expression of joint singing.
CONTACT: www.festival.tartu.ee
27 June 2015
Festival Glasperlenspiel
Glasperlenspiel (Klaaspärlimäng) - the name of the festival is inspired by the novel by Hermann Hesse.
CONTACT: www.erpmusic.com
9-14 July 2015
Music Festival Punk N Roll
The two-day subculture event offers a cross-section of the best punk bands in Estonia.
CONTACT: www.punknroll.ee
10-11 July 2015
Tartu Hanseatic Days
A chapter from the ancient history of Tartu is brought to life during the Hanseatic Days, showing Tartu as a trading town and a meeting place of cultures.
CONTACT: www.hansapaevad.ee
11-12 July 2015
Wind Band Festival “Mürtsub pill”
Estonias biggest wind band festival brings joy to the smaller and bigger music lovers.
CONTACT: www.potartu.ee
6-9 August 2015
Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF
Tartuff focuses on love, in all its variations. Carefully selected program consists of newer films, classics and actual documentaries.
CONTACT: www.tartuff.ee
10-16 August 2015
Urban Festival UIT
UIT is a festival, which explores the urban space of Tartu through performances, installations and concerts.
CONTACT: www.uit.ee
12-15 August 2015
Estonian Theatre Festival Draama
The ever popular “Draama” has become a meeting place for those interested in the Estonian dramatic art and in the way contemporary Estonian theatre addresses its time and society.
CONTACT: www.draama.ee
31 August - 6 September 2015
Tartu Mountain Bike Marathon
The mountain bike marathon, which is the world´s third largest, provides joy of participation for cyclists of many age groups and different training level.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee
20 September 2015
Scientists Night Festival
All science enthusiasts get a chance to find out, what scientists do and try some things for themselves.
CONTACT: www.ahhaa.ee
20-25 September 2015
Festival of Archaic Art REGIÖÖ 2015
This years festival talks about love. The topic and meaning of folklore is diverse, love has gone hand in hand in songs and stories with tears and concerns.
CONTACT: www.tartu.ee/regioo
26-27 September 2015
Orient et Occident
International Early Music Festival is focused on Oriental culture and its relations with early European, primarily Medieval culture.
CONTACT: www.festivitas.ee
8-11 October 2015
The festival draws no clear genre borders – providing very diverse music from mainstream and chamber jazz, ethno and world music to groove rhythms and fusion.
CONTACT: www.ideejazz.ee
6-8 November 2015
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