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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
Concert Happy New Year
Annual new years classical music concert.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
11 January 2015
An international theatre festival for monologues performers.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
17 January 2015
Tartu Ski Marathon
Most popular ski marathon in Estonia.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee/en/events/suusamaraton/43/program/
15 February 2015
IX Youngsters Theatre Festival
Children from kindergartens and schools in Elva and around perform their theatrical pieces.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
26-27 February 2015
Heli Rass's Memorial Sports Shooting Competition
Annual sports shooting competitions. Competitors form Estonia and around.
CONTACT: www.tervisesport.ee
24-26 April 2015
Hiking Marathon 2015
Tourism season opening and full day lasting hiking event.
CONTACT: www.matkamaraton.wordpress.com/
26 April 2015
Elva Town Day
Annual celebration of Elva town’s birthday: concerts, sports events, market etc.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
9 May 2015
Tartu Running Marathon
The biggest cross-country running event in Baltic Region.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee/en/events/jooksumaraton/33/
10 May 2015
Choir festival for kids.
CONTACT: www.kooriyhing.ee/eng/
22-23 May 2015
Grandmas and Grandpas Dance Festival
Annual folk-dance concert for older generation.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
24 May 2015
Midsummer’s Day in Elva
Traditional Estonian midsummer’s celebration on the singing ground area with games, bonfire and Old Iron vehicle ride.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
23 June 2015
Clarinet Summer 2015
Week full of clarinet music – workshops for professionals and concerts for people.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
6-10 July 2015
Elva Café Day 2015
For one day folks in Elva are opening their homes for others inviting them to their home made cafes.
CONTACT: www.facebook.com/pages/Elva-kohvikutep%C3%A4ev/618742944887627?fref=ts
11 July 2015
Rally Estonia Elva City Stage
Rally Estonia is the biggest annually organized rally event in the Baltic countries.
CONTACT: www.rallyestonia.com/
18 July 2015
Elva Cycling Marathon
Elva Cycling Marathon is part of the Estonian cup series.
CONTACT: www.estoniancup.ee/?lang=en
25 July 2015
Milan Junior Camp Estonia 2015
International football camp for youngsters.
CONTACT: www.facebook.com/milanjuniorcampelva?fref=ts
10-14 August 2015
Tartu Mountain Bike Marathon
89 & 40 km long mountain bike race from Otepää to Elva is the biggest and most important MTB event in the Baltic States.
CONTACT: www.tartumaraton.ee/en/events/rattamaraton/18/
20 September 2015
Month of Art
November - a traditional month of art - is filled with different art exhibitions, music, literature, arts and crafts, lectures and workshops.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
1-30 November 2015
Christmas Celebration Opening
With the lightning of Christmas lights on town Christmas tree the celebration begin.
CONTACT: elva.kovtp.ee/kultuur
29 November 2015
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