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The Night of Ancient Bonfires
In the last Saturday of August bonfires will be set along the coast of the Baltic Sea – sacred lights.
CONTACT: www.visitparnu.com
29 August 2015
The Two Bridges Run named after rowing legend Jüri Jaanson is probably Pärnu's most famous public amateur sporting event.
CONTACT: www.2silda.ee
5-6 September 2015
Concert series MUSICA SACRA. Autumn
MUSICA SACRA is a concert series of Pärnu professional musicians, which aim is to perform Pärnu composers’ music, give Pärnu interpreters the opportunity to accomplish artistically vivid concert programs, engage high-level guest musicians and bring concert projects out of Pärnu. The concerts take place on Saturdays at four o’clock in Elisabeth Church in Pärnu.
CONTACT: www.ooper.parnu.ee
September- October 2015
Christmas Market
Christmas Market at Martens Square in front of Pärnu Keskus Shopping Center.
CONTACT: www.parnukeskus.ee
December 2015
Fabergé Ball
The grandiose and historically unique FABERGÉ BALL. Hosts Tiina Ojaste and Toomas Kuter. The Pärnu City Orchestra, conductor Erki Pehk. The guests soloists, pianists, ensembles, dancers, musicians and artists are from Estonia and abroad.
CONTACT: www.faberge.ee
9 January 2016
X Pärnu International Choir Festival
An international choir festival brings choirs in Estonia and guest choirs from abroad to Pärnu.
CONTACT: www.prkf.ee
2 - 5 June 2016
Good Food Festival – Grillfest
The food culture festival Good Food Festival – Grillfest will take place on 10-11 June 2016 in the most beautiful Estonian summer resort Pärnu. You will enjoy the Good Food Fair, the national fishing championships and three food preparation competitions for young and old alike. There will be theme restaurants from different countries and exicting attractions for the kids in the festival's play area. Performances will be given by artists from Estonia and abroad.
CONTACT: www.grillfest.ee
10-11 June 2016
Pärnu Hanseatic Days
After the International Hanseatic Days in 2010 Pärnu will continue the annual tradition of local Pärnu Hanseatic Days. The festival area in Vallikäär has got a new look and offers entertainment and trading both for residents and visitors.
CONTACT: http://hansa.parnu.ee
1-3 July 2016
Pärnu Harmonica Festival
The largest and most famous harmonica festival in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the competition BALTIC-NORDIC OPEN. Participants includes amateur and professional harmonica players.
CONTACT: www.piccolo.ee
1-3 July 2016
International Pärnu Music Festival Järvi Academy
International music festival features highly professional workshops for conductors as well as strings and winds workshops and fascinating concerts to remember performed by the varied sets of the participating musicians.
CONTACT: www.parnumusicfestival.ee
10-17 July 2016
Pärnu Guild Days
The Guild Days showcase the vitality of the handicraft tradition. Genuine and true handicraft is sold downtown in Pärnu, and craftspeople from many local and international guilds demonstrate their work and skills.
CONTACT: www.maarjamagdaleenagild.ee
5-6 August 2016
August Insomnia - Night of Pärnu Arts
Festival brings you a variety of (art) experiences in the open air: Supeluse Street, which stretches from the centre of city to the beach is the focal point of the festival, where street musicians, a night cinema, dance and theatre performances, park concerts and garden cafes will await you.
CONTACT: www.augustiunetus.ee
13 August 2016
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