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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
Sillamäe Song Carousel 2015
Song contest for children aged 3-16.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
30 January 2015
Festival of Drummers 2015
Drummers and musicians of all ages can take part in this festival.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
16 January-21 March 2015
IV Festival “Stylevision”
Traditionally, dancers from Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus take part in this festival.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
29 April - 3 May 2015
Children’s Day
Day, when all performances, venues, attractions are for children and their parents.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
1 June 2015
Festival “Music of Seven Towns”
Seven days, seven concerts, seven towns.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
12 June 2015
Sillamäe Midsummer Eve, St. John's Day
Celebration of the shortest night of the year! Performances and dances, around bonfires till the dawn.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
23 June 2015
Sillamäe Town and Maritime Day 2015
During the day professional and amateur performers, societies of national cultures, sportsmen will perform at many venues around the town.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
26-28 June 2015
Sillamäe JazzTime
The international Youth Jazz Festival "JazzTime" has become a traditional event in Sillamäe.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
July 2015
IV International Festival of Theatres “Ljubitelivõ”
Festival for amateur theatres from different countries. In previous festival theatres from Germany, Russia and Australia has taken part.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
10-13 September 2015
David Oistrahh Festival
David Oistrashh festival is the festival of the classical music. There are guests from Russia, Estonia and other countries.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
September - October 2015
Evening of Romances
Evening of Russian romances.
CONTACT: www.sillamae.ee
29 November 2015
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