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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
Hiiu Parish 2nd Anniversary
Public ceremony and concert for whole family.
CONTACT: www.hiiuvald.ee
30 October 2015
Hiiumaa Marathons
Hiiumaa II ski marathon. Hiiumaa V marathon running. Hiiumaa IV cycling marathon.
CONTACT: www.maraton.hiiumaa.ee
February, June, August 2015
451st Kärdla Anniversary
The day for whole family filled with many interesting cultural and sporting events.
CONTACT: www.hiiuvald.ee
1 May 2015
Kärdla Marina Festival
The opening of the second season of the Kärdla marina constructed in 2012 - 2013.
CONTACT: marina.kardla.ee/
24 May 2015
Garfish "Wind-Fish" Fest
Day for different competitions at sea and on land, tasty fish dishes, music and dance.
CONTACT: hiiukala.org
30 May 2015
Concerts at the Kõpu Lighthouse
Concerts at the Kõpu Lighthouse.
CONTACT: www.tuletornikohvik.ee/
June - August 2015
Hiiumaa Children's Festival
Family Day: children waiting for the ponies, merry, trampolines, electric cars; dexterious ones can try the climbing wall and the ball and bow, etc.
CONTACT: www.hiiuvald.ee
13 June 2015
Sõru Jazz
Traditional music festival in South-Hiiumaa where will be the best jazz musicers from Estonia.
CONTACT: www.festivals.ee/?s=257
19-21 June 2015
Victory Day in Kärdla
Carolin Illenzeer Fund´s Charity Concert, Victory Day military parade, and exhibition of military equipment.
CONTACT: www.hiiuvald.ee
22 - 23 June 2015
Handicraft Fair in Kärdla
Annual handicraft fair popular among both visitors and citizens of the island.
CONTACT: www.rookopli.ee
11 July 2015
Hiiu Folk Festival
Different concerts in Kärdla, Käina and Kassari.
CONTACT: hiiufolk.ee/
16-19 July 2015
The Moonsund Regatta
The Moonsund Regatta (Muhu Väina) is both Estonian Open Offshore Sailing Championship as well as the oldest sailing regatta in Estonia.
CONTACT: www.muhuvain.ee/en
20 - 21 July 2015
Estonian Food Festival
Hiiumaa barbeque Championships, Hiiumaa and Estonian Food fair, workshops, cultural program.
CONTACT: www.hiiuvald.ee
20 July 2015
Hiiumaa Homecoming
Festival of leading international emerging musicians.
CONTACT: http://www.kultuur.info/syndmus/ix-muusikafestival-hiiumaa-homecoming/
22-26 July 2015
Kärdla Horse Days, Pallaadium Cup
The equestrain sports celebration for the whole family.
CONTACT: www.ratsu.ee
31 July - 2 August 2015
Kärdla Cafe Day
Kärdla Cafe Day is an exciting event that opens 15 one-day cafes in people's gardens and public places.
CONTACT: kohvikutepäev.ee/en/
1 August 2015
Hiiumaa Flat-Fish Fest
Tasty fish dishes, drinks pleasing fisherman, family-friendly activities on land and at sea, pretty music here and there, masters, journeymen, apprentices. Participation in workshops, exhibitions.
CONTACT: www.lestafest.ee
15 August 2015
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