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Golden Fish 2015
In April 2014 Festival of Schooltheaters “Goldfish” comes to Narva. There are just a handful of festivals that have had such an enriched lifetime! Narva “Goldfish” is a unique Festival that lasts 6 days.
CONTACT: www.rugodiv.ee
7 - 12 April 2015
Narva Spring Fair
The Spring Fair in the courtyard of the Narva fortress is a traditional fair where the citizens and visitors of Narva can buy artisan products, plants from tree nurseries and a sundry of other goods from hundreds of merchants.
CONTACT: www.narvalaat.ee
9 May 2015
Yevgeny Mravinski Music Festival
The Festival programme includes symphonic, choir as well as chamber music by mainly Estonian and Russian performers, but also by artists from other countries.
CONTACT: www.narva.ee
24 May - 3 June 2015
Blacksmith's Festival "Baroque Smithery"
Every year the Festival attracts a number of well-known and novice blacksmiths from all over Estonia and abroad.
CONTACT: www.narvamuuseum.ee
30-31 May 2015
Days of Narva 2015
The most colourful event in June in Narva is City Days. Traditionally this event falls on the first weekend of the month.
CONTACT: www.narva.ee
4-7 June 2015
Folk Holiday St. John's Day
Another vibrant holiday in June is St. John’s Day, the most popular folk feast.
CONTACT: www.narva.ee
23 June 2015
The Battle of Narva
Historical Festival “The Battle of Narva” is a reconstruction of one of the Northern War’s great battles.
CONTACT: www.narvamuuseum.ee
7-9 August 2015
Narva Energy Run
Narva Energy Run (Narva Energiajooks) – the biggest sport event, which includes 7 km run, walking Nordic walking and 21.1 km run.
CONTACT: www.jooks.ee
13 June 2015
Narva Summer Fair
At the Summer Fair, merchants and craftsmen from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offer their products; here, anyone can find something suitable.
CONTACT: www.narvalaat.ee
15 August 2015
Narva - Autumn Capital of Estonia 2015
From September to October Narva carries the title of the autumn cultural kapital of Estonia.
CONTACT: www.narva.ee
23 September – 22 December 2015
Chess Stars of the Baltic Sea
International Youth Team Tournament “Chess Stars of the Baltic Sea“ is dedicated to famous chess grandmaster Paul Keres, who was born in Narva.
CONTACT: www.narva.ee
November 2015
International Chopin Piano Competition
The International Competition of young pianists from the Baltic Sea countries is dedicated to the works of Frederic Chopin.
CONTACT: chopin.narva.ee
31 January - 7 February 2016
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