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Liepāja City birthday events
March is the month when Liepāja celebrates its birthday with diverse culture and entertainment events. The weekend from the 14th until the 17th of March will feature several concerts and celebratory events.
CONTACT: www.rietumuradio.lv
14-17 March 2015
The International Piano Stars Festival
This year the festival will coincide with the city’s foundation day and will be a present to Liepāja and its inhabitants. The unique surprise of the 23rd festival will be the gender of the performers. This year the LSO dedicates the International Piano Starts Festival not only to the residents of Liepāja but also to all women, since March is the month of ladies – therefore, this year’s festival will only feature female performers. However, this surprise will only be one amongst many!
CONTACT: www.lso.lv
18-21 March 2015
Internat. Festival “Liepāja Jazz Days”
Liepāja Jazz Days invites different jazz artists from different countries.
CONTACT: www.liepajaskultura.lv
11-18 April 2015
„Culture Boiler”
The international museum night in Liepaja is breaking itself free and will turn into a culture night that unites a broad scope of organizations and their ideas.
CONTACT: www.liepajaskultura.lv
16 May 2015
Music Festival 'Summer Sound Liepāja'
Summer Sound will take over the sandy Liepāja beach for the fifth year. The festival unites thousands of people to enjoy good music by an international selection of artists. The cheerful and warm atmosphere on the beach and park territory attracts visitors from Latvia and other countries.
CONTACT: www.summersound.lv
10-11 July 2015
Electronic music festival „Shine Cafe”
One of the most popular electronic music festivals in Latvia this year shall again offer its guests to enjoy the sound of such music styles as house, techno, drum’n’bass, dubstep and ambient.
CONTACT: www.shinecafe.lv
24-26 July 2015
Fontaine Festival
Rock music and freedom reigns over the „Fontaine Festival” that is celebrated in the „Fontaine empire” every year. The port district and the careless atmosphere gives the festival its charm.
CONTACT: www.fontaine.lv
14-16 August 2015
14th International Organ Music Festival
It is a panegyric for the biggest in the world mechanical organ that decorates the Liepāja Cathedral of St.Trinity and the city. This organ attracts artists from different countries and fascinates listeners with distinguished and unique sound.
CONTACT: www.liepajaskultura.lv
1-20 September 2015
Winter Festival
There are planned several different events starting from Christmas tree lightening in the City centre and finishing with marvellous New Year fireworks. Every year there are a lot of various events for each of visitor. Liepaja is real Christmas City during December because of rich decorations all around the City.
CONTACT: www.liepajaskultura.lv
30 November 2015 – 1 January 2016
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