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97 anniversary
97 Anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. Tukums Municipality Awards ceremony, concert, fireworks.
CONTACT: www.tukums.lv/
18 November 2015
New Year’s Eve Festivities in Tukums
Awarding ceremony of glittering decorated properties, speech of Tukums mayor, fireworks.
CONTACT: www.tukums.lv
31 December 2015
Jaunmoku Palace Celebrations
International Garden Celebrations within Jaunmoku Palace and Bahs Music Festival in Jaunmoku Palace.
CONTACT: www.jaunmokupils.lv/en
5 July 2015
Festival of Roses
Concert of World Choir Games as a part of the program of Riga – the European Capital of Culture, wreath from the thousands of roses, decoration of balcony, artists street, the crazy ride of home made vehicles.
CONTACT: www.tukums.lv/home-english
11–18 July 2015
Tukums Summer Curling Cup 2015
A team of curling fans and enthusiasts are happy to invite you to 1st Summer Curling Cup! We hope the new cup will continue the great tradition of Ondulat Cup which has been taking place for 10 years in Latvia!
CONTACT: www.curlingsummercup.lv/en/
17-19 July 2015
Tukuma Festival
This years’ celebration will be special because, Tukums Festival is going to celebrate its’ 20ht anniversary. The first Tukums Festival, took place in July 1995, at the same time when Tukums, as a city, celebrated its’ 550th anniversary, since it has been recorded in writings, and 200 year anniversary since the rights of the town were granted by Russian Empress Catherine II.
CONTACT: www.tukums.lv/en/events-calendar
24-26 July 2015
Sērūdeņi Ķemeros
„Sērūdeņi Ķemeros” (Sulfur in Ķemeri). Open door day event in the Nature Information Center “Forest House” (Meža māja) Nature Information Center “Forest House” (Meža māja)
CONTACT: www.daba.gov.lv/public/eng/
9 August 2015
Medieval Festival in Jaunpils
Local people of Jaunpils and visitors celebrate the medieval festival. It is the time when the past meets the future and borders of time disappear unnoticed.
CONTACT: www.jaunpils.lv/roses.php
9 August 2015
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