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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
Youth Day 2015
Already a traditional event for youth – ghetto basket, beach volleyball and many other activities.
CONTACT: www.jekabpils-jauniesi.lv, lasma.sklarska@jekabpils.lv
23 May 2015
Performance before Līgo Night
A performance on water raft few days before the traditional Latvian event with a traditional songs, dance and major fireplace.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv; info@jkp.lv
20 June 2015
Folk music festival “Jollity in Jekabpils”
Festival gathers folk music and dancing groups from Latvia and neighbouring countries. Jēkabpils history museum open-air division “Selonian farmstead”
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
10 July 2015
Annual craft fair in Jekabpils
Fair gathers local and international craftsmen for annual fair at Jekabpils Old Town Square.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
11 July 2015
Opera Days in Jekabpils
St.-Petersburg opera will perform an open-air performance Johann Strauss “The Bat”. Die Fledermaus (The Bat) is an operetta composed by Johann Strauss II to a German libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
25 July 2015
Jēkabpils City Festival
Annual event taking place in Jekabpils City. During the event some major culture performances will take place and also “Engine festival” that gathers speed boaters and rally drivers from Latvia and abroad.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
8 August 2015
Latvian National Ballet "Sleeping Beauty"
Latvian National Ballet performing an open–air ballet “The Sleeping Beauty” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The Sleeping Beauty is a ballet in a prologue and three acts.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
23 August 2015
The New Year's celebration
The New Year's celebration, fireworks.
CONTACT: www.jkp.lv, info@jkp.lv
31 December 2015
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