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17 International Ice Sculptures Festival
Thousands of people from all over Latvia come to Jelgava to see the fragile sculptures shining in colourful spotlights to capture a moment of their short life and have fun at the concerts with a hot drink from an ice bar.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
6–8 February 2015
Easter Promenade
Every family is invited to take a stroll through the park of Jelgava palace, look for eggs that had been hidden by Easter bunny, listen to folklore group "Dimzens" dance and sing together with others and play all kind of games - egg rolling, painting on pavement, pot hitting and darting eggs into a basket.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
5 April 2015
9 Sand Sculpture Festival 'Summer Signs'
Amazing sand sculptures in the Summer Signs festival will make you look at sand in a whole different way. Here you can see art, read a story, even a history - all made of sand.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
23-24 May 2015
Jelgava City Festival
The biggest festival of the year in Jelgava is the City Festival. Citizens and guests can enjoy a wide range of activities, including performances, shows, exhibitions, concerts and parades.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
28 May – 1 June 2015
The International Cat Show
On 13th and 14th of June an international cat show "Jelgavas kaķis 2015", Jelgava will bringing together various popular and exotic breeds of cats from many European countries.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
13-14 June 2015
Festival of Milk, Bread and Honey
Last Saturday of August is marked by festival that stresses importance of healthy lifestyle and significance of bread, honey and milk. One can enjoy many games, taste natural products, buy goods in a market and many more.
CONTACT: www.visit.jelgava.lv
29 August 2015
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