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New Year celebration
Cesis offers to greet year 2016 with gorgeous, multi-coloured fireworks in the central square – Vienības laukums. For those who want to start New Year in an active way ski centres Ozolkalns and Žagarkalns are the right place. They organise mountain disco with skiing and snowboarding all night long.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
31 December 2015
Medieval Run
Tasks are connected to history, literature, art, ingenuity and attention concentration. Route includes the most important historical sites in Cesis. A peaceful stroll can turn into an exciting adventure!
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/what-to-do/?object=137
All year round 2015
The International Museum night
Traditionally Museum night is awaited event in the end of spring. Medieval age castle in Cesis looks very powerful and majestic. New Castle where Cesis History and art museum is located, entertains and educates visitors by interactive expositions and concert.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv
16 May 2015
Midsummer celebration
Days without night - celebration of light is time when people in Cesis celebrate “Jāņi” and traditional folksongs, dances, games as well as value of nature is in the first place. Traditionally local folk groups „Ore”, „Dzieti” invite everyone to concert “White clouds”.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
21-24 June 2015
Cesis Art festival 2015
A rich program featuring a diverse range of art forms included classical music concerts, visual art exhibitions, opera and drama performances – that is Cesis art festival. Event plays significant role in Latvian culture, is known in Europe.
CONTACT: www.cesufestivals.lv/eng
17 July - 9 August 2015
Worldwide days of Cesis citizens
This is opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Cesis unites them to meet and enjoy events, lectures, sport activities, creative workshops, common conversations about new ideas to improve living and cooperation in Cesis.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
20-24 July 2015
Cesis city celebration
Culture programme for all ages, attractions, games, competitions, market of traditional snacks and handicrafts become colourful carousel of joy and happiness. Cesis is celebrating more than 800 years, because in historical documents for a 1st time mentioned in 1206. This is the best time to see how traditions of different centuries meet today.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
24-26 July 2015
Medieval Festival
It is chance to discover celebrations and social life in Middle Ages with chivalry and field battles. Fair During the event performs medieval music ensembles from different countries, as well as Latvia, craft demonstrations and other thematic activities are an integral part of this festival.
CONTACT: ww.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
1 August 2015
Cesis Cycling Marathon
Cesis Cycling Marathon is traditional sport event in Vidzeme region for whole family. Route goes through Cesis old town and green are, including territory of Gauja national park.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
8 August 2015
Riga street celebration
Wide range and diverse historical and cultural programme will be interesting for all family, adults and children. Celebration is time when cultural heritage of main street in Cesis is „on the stage”. Guests are welcome to join to excursions leaded by experienced guides, workshops for adults and children, calligraphy school, organ concert, cinema etc. During all day cafes and restaurants at Riga street have special offers.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
12 September 2015
Day Lacplesis and anniversary of Latvia
This is time when Cesis Castle park and town windows are full of candle lights. On November 11 every year Latvia honours Latvian Freedom Fighters. Gorgeous visual installations in the Castle park, torchlight procession and special offers in cafes are awaited every year.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv/en/news/615.html
11-18 November 2015
Christmas Time in Cēsis
Concerts and events every day, Christmas market, Christmas lights all around the town, workshops, charity events, winter sports and much more.
CONTACT: www.tourism.cesis.lv
November - December 2014
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