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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
II Winter Swimmers Gathering
Let's say "good bye winter" together!
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22 March 2015
Łeba Days
Town Holiday with Łeba's Principality Train Parade.The most colourful and fabulous annual event. Łeba Principality Representatives parade the whole town and stop at the central Łeba Fisherman Park where invite everybody to Principal Feast.
CONTACT: bot@leba.eu
July 2015
Łeba Safe Sea Days
Marine military and civil emergency services show, placed on the coast and Łeba Ship Canal. Real sea rescue is simulated. Unrepeatable happening with Polish Navy rescue helicopters and rescue planes and wide range of rescue boats.
CONTACT: bot@leba.eu
August 2015
International Kite Festival
Participants will be taken photos of Łeba and surroundings using cameras installed on kites, balloons, etc. Event connected with lantern happening.
CONTACT: biuro@latarnik.eu
August 2015
Cod Festival
Traditional cod festival based on silver cod cult - the very first symbol of the Old Łeba and Saint Nicholas reverence - Leba's fishermen patron from the very beginning of the town's history. It is a cod dishes tasting time for every guest.
CONTACT: biblioteka@leba.eu
December 2015
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