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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
Dancing Days
Cyclic event. Dancing presentation and film screenings on the subject of dance.
CONTACT: www.dk.ustka.pl
May 2015
Baltic Children Song Festival
The two-day-long national contest.
CONTACT: www.dk.ustka.pl
June 2015
X Ustka Amateur Film Festival
Cycling event. Film shows and competition ended with the award ceremony.
CONTACT: www.dk.ustka.pl
June 2015
Fire Festival Ustka 2015
The most popular summer event in Ustka - XiV Fire Festival. Concerts, firework shows, etc.
CONTACT: www.ustka.pl
July 2015
Go ahead
Bielsko Biała and Beskidy Mountains folklore on the Baltic coast! In the programme you can find performance by the highlander bands and demonstrations of folk handicrafts.
CONTACT: www.ustka.pl
July 2015
Amber Leaching Championships
XV Polish Championship in rinsing out of amber. Looking for the amber in the Baltic Sea, as the American trappers had done thousands years ago.
CONTACT: www.ustka.pl
August 2015
'Syrenalia' - Ustka Day
The cyclic event that is organized during the Ustka's Day. The programme contains a number of concerts, outdoor games and competitions.
CONTACT: www.syrenalia.pl
15 August 2015
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