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The New City Hall in Gdańsk
The Anthem of the Union of the Baltic Cities
UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being
International Wened’s Run & Cycling Race
The main objective of this event is popularization of sport and physical activity among inhabitants and runners from Poland and abroad.
CONTACT: www.tkkf.koszalin.pl
24 May 2015
Young People and Film
The Festival comprises numerous attractions including concerts performed by stars, special film shows, live talks with film creators, exhibitions, performances and concerts in the Festival Club as well as vehement discussions with film creators with this slogan: “Be Frank as I am Frank”.
CONTACT: www.mlodziifilm.pl
22- 27 June 2015
The Baltic Pearl
XI International Chess Tournament is held periodically with competitors from Poland and other countries participating.
CONTACT: www.hetman.man.koszalin.pl
28 June-7 July 2015
Opening of the 49th International Organ Festival
Within the confines of the International Organ Festival, during two summer months, concerts are held performed by chamber groups, choirs, a symphony orchestra and organ virtuosos.
CONTACT: www.filharmoniakoszalinska.pl
3 July 2015
Koszalin Culinary Festival in Taste Street
Yet another edition of the “Taste Street” Festival will be held in the central Town Square.
CONTACT: www.ck105.koszalin.pl
4 July 2015
Chess Testimonial Tournament
XXV Józef Kochan International Chess Testimonial Tournament is one of the biggest chess tournaments in Poland; it has been held in Koszalin for many years.
CONTACT: www.hetman.man.koszalin.pl
12-20 August 2015
14th Team Accordion Music Festival
Teams participate in workshops run by professors from music universities, they participate in professional concerts.
CONTACT: www.ck105.koszalin.pl
September 2015
European Film Festival Integracja Ty i Ja
This is an annual cycle of events on the European scale to promote film arts connected with the problems of handicapped people.
CONTACT: www.integracjatyija.pl
8-12 September 2015
2nd Pomerania Classic
International Rally of Vintage Vehicles.
CONTACT: www.ak-koszalinski.pl
19-20 September 2015
Hanza Jazz Festival 2015
Starting from the last year, the event has been extended to include a competition for young jazz groups.
CONTACT: www.hanza.koszalin.pl
21-24 October 2015
'Generacja' Rock Festival
Yet another edition of this rock festival, where after auditions, the jury selects the best band.
CONTACT: www.ck105.koszalin.pl
7-8 November 2015
FALA Interdisciplinary Exhibition
The Fala Exhibition is an invaluable place of an exchange of concepts and activities related to the arts in our reality.
CONTACT: www.ck105.koszalin.pl
November/December 2015
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