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Open meeting of the UBC Working Group on Gender Equality

The UBC Working Group on Gender Equality meeting will be held in Gdańsk (Poland) on 22 June 2016.

The main topic of the meeting is building strategies for mainstreaming gender into the work of the UBC member cities. Despite many positive changes in mainstreaming gender in Europe, the issue of gender equality still requires special attention, as women remain a vulnerable group, and special measures need to be introduced to ensure their bigger participation in decision making and secure their stronger position at the labour market.

Violence against women, including trafficking, women’s health and above all, overcoming gender stereotypes, which prevent women and men from sharing parental and care responsibilities equally, need our special attention.

At the moment we also have to focus on special needs of immigrant women in the UBC region. Therefore building strategies for mainstreaming gender into the work of the UBC member cities has been defined as the key topic for the meeting. The direct aim of the meeting will be to discuss the role of GE WG and its plans concerning concrete next steps: which commissions we should meet this year and how we are going to work and meet.

Gender Working Group
Fot. UBC
Gender Working Group
Fot. UBC

As the coordinators of the UBC Gender Equality Working Group, we are convinced that this meeting will create space for exchange of knowledge and foster further cooperation among the UBC cities. All interested representatives of UBC member cities are welcome to join the Working Group. Cities are requested to provide the name of its representative to the Working Group. We will disseminate detailed programme of the meeting and practicalities to people who will be interested in participating in our meeting.

Please send your registration to tarasiewicz@neww.org.pl by 23 May 2016.

UBC Gender Working Group Coordinators:

Hanna Maidell
Senior adviser
City of Helsinki/Human Resources Centre
Add. PL 4500
FIN-00099 Helsingin kaupunki
Tel. +358 40 6754896
e-mail: hanna.maidell@hel.fi

Malgorzata Tarasiewicz
Network of East-West Women
ul. Miszewskiego 17/100
Gdańsk, Poland
Tel. +48 607920484
e-mail: tarasiewicz@neww.org.pl

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