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Arendal Vinter Festival
In February each year Arendal Vinterfestival takes place. in 2015 the actual days are 4-6th of February. The festival has a focus on Vinter activities both inside and outside, you can experience ice-skating, skiing on remote islands, bathing in icy water, concerts, theatre, and a carnival.
CONTACT: www.arendalvinterfestival.no
4-6 February 2015
Cultural days for Children
Combined with the Vinter Festival Arendal City arranges the ”Cultural days for Children”, with a lot of activities for kids and youth. Theatre, concerts, building and flying of dragon kites.
CONTACT: www.bku.no
4-8 February 2015
Young Classics
Ung Klassisk / “Young Classics” is a row of concerts with young performers in classical music.
CONTACT: www.ungklassisk.no
11-14 March 2015
BYnatt Arendal (Arendal City Nights)
Arendal City Nights have been arranged since 2010, with a focus on city planning, new ways of using the possibilities of the old city core which as in most other cities is loosing against the malls outside the city.
CONTACT: www.arendal.kommune.no/bynatt
7 May 2015
International Market
Some days in the summer, the charming southern city of Arendal changes to an international fete – where we can see, taste, smell and in all other ways feel that the whole world is here.
CONTACT: www.internasjonaltmarked.no
26-27 June 2015
Canal Street - music festival
In the course of 16 years, Canal Street has offered large musical events to the inhabitants of Arendal, tourists and other guests. About 20-25 000 people visit this festival each year, and it takes place the last week of July.
CONTACT: www.canalstreet.no
22-25 July 2015
Arendalsuka (Arendal week) is Norways main political event, where politicians, organizations and ngo’s meet to discuss, debate, mingle and meet ordinary people.
CONTACT: www.arendalsuka.no/about-arendalsuka/
12-18 August 2015
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