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Arctic Heat XVI International Film Festival
Taking place in the magical Finnish winter scenery, this annual film festival offers unforgettable experiences in different forms and genres of Nordic film. Majority of the films are presented with English subtitles.
CONTACT: www.arktisenupeeta.net
10 - 15 February 2015
Easter at Toivola Old Courtyard
During the Easter market time, the Toivola Old Courtyard dating from the 19 century, will be filled with a warm Easter atmosphere. Our Easter market will be celebrated one week before Easter and it will offer a warm way to cool down before the coming Easter week.
CONTACT: www.toivolanvanhapiha.fi
27 - 29 March 2015
Jyväskylä Festival
Going far beyond of music and dance, the oldest on-going cultural festival in the Nordic countries offers a variety of theatre, circus, comedians, magic and lots more.
CONTACT: www.jyvaskylankesa.fi
7 - 12 July 2015
Neste Oil Rally Finland
Known as one the best organized FIA World Rally Champion-ships events, the rally draws hundreds of thousands of specta-tors to the Jyväskylä region every summer.
CONTACT: www.nesteoilrallyfinland.fi
30 July - 2 August 2015
Christmas at Toivola Old Courtyard
The Toivola Old Courtyard is a craftsmen’s garden dating back to the 1800s. During Christmas the garden of Toivola Old Courtyard is transformed into a magical Christmas yard.
CONTACT: www.vanhapiha.fi
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