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V UBC General Conference was
held in  Stockholm on
24-25 September 1999





UBC Presidium at the Executive
Board meeting in Šiauliai,
27 November 1999





Mayors of Gdynia and Liepâja
signed agreement on cooperation

I. Tourism in Baltic  Cities 

“Fjords, Forests, Fauna - History, Culture, Sauna” - a sustainable tourist product of the Baltic Sea region
Tourism - a challenge for the  Baltic Sea cities
The largest cruise port
Gateway to the fjords
City with heritage
Tenors and football
City in the middle of lakes
From nature to culture
Eldorado for archaeologists
Favoured by nature
Maritime festival
Mud cures!
Sunny seasides
United potentials
Cultural aspects and modern  projects
Christmas tourism
Leaps and bounds
Guard of national identity
The largest resort in Lithuania
Banqueting atmosphere
Tourism promotion programme
Folk traditions
Strategic tourism
The Snow Castle
Music and sport
Resort of cheeriness
Centenary of narrow railway
Students’ practise
Jazz festival
Hotter than ever
What of the future?
Cruise ships’ port
Refined opera
Conference city
Winter spells
970 years of culture
Places in the sun
Green and blue pearls
Varieties for leisure
Music and quiet
Kaszubian beauty
Regional promotion

II. UBC Today 

V UBC General Conference in Stockholm
26th Meeting of the UBC Executive Board
Stress on Tourism Education
Baltic City Tourism Project
Tartu Agenda 21 won first  UBC Environmental Award
Cooperation with TAIEX
Baltic 21 city cooperation
Lead cities sought for UBC  LA21!
Where, when and how people  win
Commission on Education plans
Health & Social Bulletin
Architects and city planners in  Malmö
Business Cooperation
N. E. W. S. !
Telecom and UBC
Transfrontier Cooperation
EU money to UBC network!
INTERREG III - a new structure

III. Member Cities in Action

Trilateral schools contacts
EU summits in Baltic cities
Twinning link Gdynia- Liepâja
Saving power at schools
Action for a safer community
Business join forces
European city of culture 2000
Baltic Business School
Big accident in Pärnu! 


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