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Project proposal on micro-initiatives for URBACT II programme

Dear Sir/Madam,

Below please find a partner search call concerning project on ‘micro-initiatives towards a low carbon and resilient economy’ to be submitted under the URBACT II Programm. If you are interested in the project please contact Morgane Lassaux, e-mail: m.lassaux@ludenet.org

kind regards,
Pawel Zaboklicki

Pawel Zaboklicki
Secretary General
Union of the Baltic Cities
Waly Jagiellonskie 1
PL-80853 Gdansk
tel. +48 58 301 09 17
gsm +48 602 34 33 32


Od: "Morgane Lassaux" <m.lassaux@ludenet.org>
Do: "Paweł Żaboklicki" <pawel.zaboklicki@ubc.net>, "Sławomir Dobrzański-Demkowicz" <slawekdd@euroregionbaltic.eu>
DW: "Anna Dargiewicz" <anna.dargiewicz@ubc.net>, "anna sosnicka" <anna.sosnicka@ubc.net>, "Mikko Lohikoski" <mikko.lohikoski@turku.fi>
Wysłane: czwartek, 1 marzec 2012 15:07:37
Temat: Project proposal on micro-initiatives for the 3rd call for proposals of URBACT II  programme

Dear Pawel Zaboklicki,

I am representing the association LUDEN (Local Urban Development European Network) and on behalf on My Director, Dr. Haroon Saad, and the LUDEN team, I would like to draw your attention on a project on ‘micro-initiatives towards a low carbon and resilient economy’ we would like to submit under the URBACT II Programme. The project proposal is enclosed together with the different budgets foreseen for the overall duration of the project.

The City of Lecce (Italy) will be the Lead Partner of the project. The cities of Murcia (Spain), Bucharest (Romania) and Châlons-en-Champagne (France) will be partners in the first phase (development phase). On the other hand, the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER, Germany) and the East Sweden Energy Agency will be partners for the implementation phase of the project.

However, we are still looking for one partner for the development phase and the participation of a Baltic city to the ‘Micro-CHiP’ project would represent for us a key asset.

I would also precise you that our organisation, LUDEN (aka QeC-ERAN) has a good track record in URBACT Programme. You can especially refer to the following projects on URBACT website @: http://urbact.eu  

1) Active A.G.E (1st call)

2) Women Enterprise Employment in Local Development (1st call)

3) Building Healthy Communities (Fast Track Label)

4) Mile (Fast Track Label)

I remain at your entire disposal for any further precision you may require.

Best Regards,

Morgane Lassaux
I AM ROMA Project Coordinator
Rue Vieux Marché aux Grains, 48
B-1000 Bruxelles
phone 0032 (0)2 524 4545
fax 0032 (0)2 524 4431
e-mail: m.lassaux@ludenet.org

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