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International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement

The ICSEI – Congress

City of Malmö January 2012

January 5th to 8th 2012, Malmö in Sweden hosts the 25th International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement.

Once a year the ICSEI – Congress brings together researchers, policy-makers, school leaders, teachers and students from around the world. The Malmo Congress will focus on the interplay between policy, research and practice in education.

In order to make young people’s education sustaining and meaningful, we need interaction across all areas involved in shaping the school of tomorrow. As a result of this approach, we are eager to invite politicians to discuss the issue of key educational policy changes. We would also like students and teachers share their opinions.

Our Congress brings the relationship between school leaders and politicians on national/state and local levels to the forefront. What do these relationships look like, and how can they improve children’s development and students’ results in areas such as self-esteem, motivation, social competence, well-being and achievement?

The programme will include lectures by eminent researchers, school developers and policy makers. Important are also the presentations of research and development work carried out in parallel workshops, plus ample opportunities for discussions in various groups.

For more information: www.icsei.net

Management and coordination

Leif Åhlander, Senior Advisor at the Department of Education and Childcare, The City of Malmö, leif.ahlander@malmo.se, +46 40-34 11 61 / +46 703 33 31 72


Lena Englund, Communications Officer at the Department of Education and Childcare, The City of Malmö, lena.englund@malmo.se, +46 40 34 11 65 / +46 702 44 70 95

The Local Board

Matz Nilsson, Director of Upper secondary school and education for adults, The City of Malmö, matz.nilsson@malmo.se, +46 40 34 30 16

The Academic group

Ulf Blossing, Associate professor in Education at the University of Gothenburg

ulf.blossing@gu.se, +46 31 78 62 403

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