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Baltic Sea Forum 26 March 2015 Tallinn, Estonia

Water protection in municipalities – it costs money, because it saves money

The Baltic Sea Forum is organised as part of the Estonian Municipality Days in Tallinn on 26 March 2015.

Cities and municipalities are key actors when it comes to concrete, local water protection measures. Cities directly benefit from coastal waters, but they also have a high impact on them. There is a range of possibilities for cities and municipalities to influence the state of local waters, through measures such as waste water treatment and storm water handling. However, in order to prioritize water protection within municipalities, the way of communicating is crucial. For this, we need monetary arguments and tailored messages for civil servants and citizens.

The Baltic Sea Forum gives tools for municipalities' water protection work: environmental communication, cost-benefit analysis, networking, discussions and practical examples.

Register here by 6 March 2015.

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