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New Baltic Cities Bulletin 'How to develop and keep an attractive city'

Dear friends,

The latest Baltic Cities Bulletin, entitled 'How to develop and keep an attractive city', has just come out.

The cities are changing rapidly around us being under the pressure in a competitive situation. To be constantly interesting, they have to be very focused on creating their unique positions, to nurse the business life, culture, nature, residential areas and the connections to other cities and regions. At the same time, various challenges are met, e.g. how to save money, how to re-generate the urbanized area, or to protect nature and cultural values.

Hopefully, the Bulletin will prompt some good solutions on how the urban planning may make the city attractive. It presents how the urban projects are implemented, how what is old or degenerated is transformed into something innovative, and finally, how the city space is made more friendly. The experience of our members clearly proves the inhabitants should be involved in the process of city development.

Also, the Bulletin informs about the latest UBC meetings and activities, news from the member cities and more.

The Bulletin will be sent out to the member cities by post. As of today, it is available on-line at:

With kind regards,
Paweł Żaboklicki

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