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Tampere, Finland is challenging you to a global Instagram - photo contest!

Tampere, Finland is challenging you to a global Instagram - photo contest!

What are the brightest things in your city? What would you like to show to the whole world? Tampere – All Bright! team is hosting World’s Brightest! -photo contest which unites people all around the world.

Finland was selected as the best country in the world and Tampere as the most attractive city in Finland. We want to give you a chance to bring up the brightest things in your city and share them internationally. Let’s do this together!

What is this all about?

- World’s Brightest -photo contest presented by Tampere - All Bright!

- Anyone around the world can participate by taking fascinating photos of the brightest things in their city

- Photos must be uploaded to Instagram or Twitter

- To participate you must use the Instagram/Twitter hashtag #WorldsBrightest

- People can vote their favorite photos at www.worldsbrightestphoto.com and the most popular photos will advance to the final where judges will select the winner who is the World’s Brightest Instagramer

- The winner will receive free flights to Tampere, one week accommodation and a camera. The winner will then get the chance to capture the brightest photos of the city of Tampere.

- Contest starts in May 20th and continues the next four weeks.

Find more detailed information from: http://worldsbrightestphoto.com

Our goal is to make a worldwide network where people can tell about their own city and learn from others. We, in Tampere - All Bright! -team, host this campaign in cooperation with Skyscanner, Dream Hostel Tampere and b2c.fi -online store. We are inviting all the cities and countries around the world to take part in this contest and we want to see you with us.

Please forward this message to your contacts. This way you can tell about your participation to the rest of the world. Together we can make this happen and achieve something unforgettable!

Yours sincerely,

Tampere All Bright -team

SkyScanner - www.skyscanner.net
Dream Hostel Tampere - www.dreamhostel.fi/en
B2C.fi -online store www.b2c.fi

Twinship & Co. www.twinship.co

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