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The UBC Bulletin 3/97

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Here you can read the UBC Bulletin number 3/97.

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Pages 2-3- Baltic Sea Networks in new cooperation.
- Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
- Baltic Sea Networks in new cooperation.
Page 4- How to use BSA in your daily work.
Page 5- Reliable map data base for the Baltic Sea region.
Pages 6-7- Bridges from Elblag across the Baltic Sea
- Baltic ring of Gdynia
- Helsinki centers in St. Petersburg and Tallinn.
Page 8- The Baltic initiative of Saint Petersburg.
Pages 9-10- The city of Vaasa and the Baltic Sea cooperation.
- Hanseatic days in Visby on 11-14 June 1998
- EIB forum to bridge the northern seas.
Page 11- B7, the Baltic Sea seven Islands
- Baltic Healthy cities centre to be in business soon.
Page 12- Ventspils past and present.

Pages 13-15- IV UBC general conference
- UBC presidential visit to Brussels
- Focus on project management and communication.
Pages 16-17- MEA dissemination seminars
- Union of the Baltic Cities at cross-road?.
Page 18- Latest UBC project applications.
Pages 19-20- International Black Sea Club meeting in Turkey
- UBC, the city gateway to the EU? Local governments
are generating skills?.

Pages 21-23- Introducing the UBC presidium
- Presentation of the UBC executive board 1998-1999
- The UBC secretary in Gdañsk at your service.
Page 24- Introduction to UBC commissions
- Commission on Business Cooperation.
Pages 25-27- Commission on Communication
- Commission on Culture
- Commission on Environment
- Commission on Social and Health Affairs.
Page 28- UBC social marketplace
- Commission on Sport.
Page 29-30- Commission on Transportation
- The UBC Task Force for Public Relations and

Page 31- Welcome to... 1001 years anniversary of Gdañsk.
Page 32- Do your know inhabitants know your sister cities?
- A further step towards sustainability in Kaliningrad.
Page 33-36- Residential restoration project in Kalmar
- Kaunas water and environment investment project
- The Simon Dach House in Klaipëda
- New partnership for senior citizens between Lübeck and
- International choir festival Pärnu 98 on 10-13 July 1998
- News from Stockholm.
Page 37- Tampere Maja, culture and information centre in Tartu
- Viljandi Folk Music Festivals.
Page 38- Welcome to Turku, Christmas City of Finland
- Coastal zone management in Ventspils.
Page 39- Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 4/97 available
- Baltic Local Agenda 21 conference in Turku, september
Page 40- Baltic Sea events calendar.

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