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24th meeting of the Executive Board took place in Tartu, Estonia







Best Environmental Practise in Baltic Cities Award 







Baltic Sea Conference in Kaunas

I. EU Enlargement - the Role of Cities

The European Union - A White Elephant
Impact of EU-membership on Municipalities and Regions
Local and Regional Authorities' Role in the EU Enlargement
Baltic Cities towards the EU
INVITATION:  UBC 5th General Conference
Koszalin and EU matters
We are Russians but also Europeans
German Unification Process
Adopting to meet the EU Standards
Gdynia: a Project-Oriented City
Strengths of Turku
Forum Balticum
Baltic Partnership
CBC in the Öresund Region
City of Malmo Joins Copenhagen EU Office in Brussels
EUMaTa Project
Euroregion Baltic
Distance Education
Saint Petersburg's Ties with the EU
Agreement with the EU
Arhus: the Smallest Big City
Carrefour South Sweden
Finnish Network
European Integration House in Szczecin
EU public procurement system in Kalmar
Pärnu and the European Union
Changes in Lahti
EU Impact on Tampere
Baltic Sea City Vordingborg

II. UBC Today 

24th Meeting of the UBC Executive Board
23rd Meeting of the UBC Executive Board
EU Co-ordinators met in Kalmar
INVITATION: Commission on Education to meet in Kärdla
News from the Commission on Business Co-operation
INVITATION: N. E. W. S. - International Exhibition
Commission on Culture hold its third session
CBC Conferences
Best Environmental Practise in Baltic Cities Award 1999

INVITATION: 2000 Pan-European Conference
New MEA's Again!
UBC Local Agenda 21 Action Program
Local Agenda 21 Round Tables
European Week 1999
DAPHNE Project on Prevention of Trafficking of Young Women
Highlights of Commission on Sport Meeting in Gdynia
INVITATION: Commission on Tourism will meet in Riga
International Women's Week in Narva
Gender Equality in Local Agenda 21
UBC Routemap for the Future
US-Baltic Sea Region Relations
UBC Cities Rushed to Help Kosovo
UBC at High Level Meetings
Baltic Sea Alliance
Polish-Estonian Twin Cities Conference
TAIEX-UBC Co-operation
Freedom of Travel Whilst Fighting Abuse

III. Member Cities in Action

Aalborg Hosting International Events
Rally of Highway Veterans
"Music-Yes! Drugs-No!"
Gdynia Starts a New Partnership
New Projects
Hope Bridges
Sun and Studies by the Baltic Sea
Development of "Vodokanal"
The Naval City of Karlskrona - Part of the World's Heritage
Teledemocracy is Coming
Hanse-Sunshine-Tour 2000
Baltic Sea Seven Islands
Water - the Cycle of Life
From a Closed to a Developed Town
New Faculty in Liepaja Pedagogical Academy
Baltic Sea Conference
Viljandi's Strategic Development Plan
Mariehamn Looking for Regional Maritime Contacts
Project "New Pathways"
Kieler Woche 1999 - a Symbol of Baltic Co-operation


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