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The UBC Bulletin 2/98

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Here you can read the UBC Bulletin number 2/98.

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Pages 1-2- East - From socialism to a market economy.
- West - From industrial to high-tec society.
Page 3- The Balic University Programme.
Page 4- Training and recreation in Baltijsk.
Page 5- City Hall for the people.
Page 6- European education in Gdynia.
- Retraining officers
Pages 7- Schools in collaboration.
- Education reform in Kaunas.
Page 8- Kuressaare High Schools.
Page 9- New education system in Kotka.
- Kymenlaakso Polytechnic
Page 10- Keila relations.
- Lithuanian Christian Fund College.
Pages 11-12- High School by distance learning?
- Education in Lahti.
Page 13- Golden Scholarships in Riga.
Page 14- Youngest University.
- Viljandi Culture College.
Pages 15- Turku Polytechnic.
Page 16- Studying at home.
- Vaasa - A knowledge centre.

Pages 17-18- 21st Meeting of the UBC Executive Board.
- 20th Meeting of the UBC Executive Board.
Page 19- Baltic Local Agenda 21 - Health and Sustaniable Cities
- SAIL Project.
Page 20- New Commission on Education.
Pages 21-22- MARE ARTICUM
- UBC Women's Network Meeting.
- ECOS-Ouverture Partneriat.
- Conference on Logistic Centres.
- 3rd UBC Task Force on PR.
- Drawing Competition coming soon.

Page 23- Fisheries Exhibition in Aalborg.
- Conferences in Gotland.
- BERNET Project.
Page 24- Air Quality & Urban Transport Seminar.
- Kieler Woche.
Page 25- Kotka stakes tourism.
- 40th Nordic Film Days in Lübeck.
Page 26- Well-being maps in Turku.
- Lübeck law in Tallinn.
Page 27- Democracy Project.
- Satakunta - Finland in miniature?

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