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The UBC Bulletin 2/97

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Here you can read the UBC Bulletin number 2/97.

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Pages 2-3- EU-programmes for cities around the Baltic Sea.
Pages 4-5- Six cities mastering the methods of EU cooperation.
Pages 6-9- Aalborg well settled in Brussels.
- Aarhus EU offices in Brussels.
- The international strategy of Gdansk.
- Gdynia fosters EU cooperation.
- Kaliningrad & Tacis.
- Net for nets in Kotka.
- City development planning.
- Lübeck interprise 1997.
Page 10- Norwegian EU cooperation.
- Tartu, working with EU projects.
Page 11- Baltic cities project.
- Norrköping, partner in 60 applications.
Page 12- EU-projects in Turku.
- Copenhagen, traditions in EU.

Pages 13-15- 17th meeting of the UBC executive board.
- The UBC-EU information project on the move.
- Urban planning around the Baltic Sea.
Page 16- Task force meeting coming up!
- Baltic municipal environmental auditing (MEA)
Page 17- The UBC calendar of cultural festivals 1997.
- UBC women´s network met in Kalmar.
Page 18- National UBC meeting in Finland.
- National UBC meeting in Estonia.

Pages 19-22- 6th CBSS ministerial session in Riga.
- EIB forum to discuss northern Europe.
- Invitation to ECO-Baltic conference.
- Baltic 21.
- Baltic maritime initiative.
- Transnational cooperation for spatial development.
Pages 23-24- Car free cities network.
- Baltic Sea culture centre.
- Women and men in dialogue.
- Union for education.

Page 25- Euro environment in Aalborg.
- Surfing Copenhagen.
Page 26- Elblag promotes Jantar.
Page 27- Royal, twincities and Lithuanian activities in Kalmar.
Pages 28-30- The snow castle of Kemi, success story of Finnish
- Gardens of Anchor, urban pilot project of tje city of
- Business development network in Lübeck.
- Daugavpils, Tampere water project.
- Baltic point in Rostock.
Page 31- Kristianstad, a strategic choice.
- Funboard championship in Leba.

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