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Dear UBC Friends,

  We have just met in Kristiansand at the very successful X UBC General Conference.

  Interesting speeches delivered during the first day of the conference made up a picture of challenges in implementing the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. We realize that there is a need for political commitment, active involvement and initiative. The UBC's great experience in working with multiple partners is a solid basis to take part in the realization of the EU Strategy. I encourage the UBC member cities and commissions to contribute to the EU Strategy implementation through active participation in the flagship projects.

  Climate and economic issues as well as the other problems and challenges were in focus during the four thematic workshops. The presentations delivered were a great starting point for further discussions that led to concrete ideas and solutions for the cities.The outstanding involvement of the cities in the workshops'discussions was highly appreciated.

  Making use of the potential of the EU Strategy, the cities have to face climate and economic problems at the same time. The Baltic Sea Region has been affected by the economic and financial crisis. However, this situation seems to be an opportunity to rethink the current policies and development strategies. This issue of the Baltic Cities Bulletin shows that the crisis may be a kick-off to revise the traditional model of urban economy concentrated rather on short-term profits.

  It is impressive how the UBC cities, though not without difficulties, deal with the negative effects of the recession. They try to reforge the problems into the chance and opportunity. As a result the new urban strategies focusing on people's needs and desires, environmental conservation, and finally, long-term investments, are being implemented. Moreover, much more reasonable energy policy of the municipalities is now in focus. Saving energy is saving money.

  The strength of the cities is also their ability to cooperate. The 10th General Conference adopted a new, revised UBC Strategy for the period of 2010 - 2015 entitled 'Cities for a Sustainable and Prosperous Baltic Sea Region' which sets the ambitious goals. In the new Strategy the UBC and its member cities acknowledge the need for renewing and streamlining of internal structures and working methods.

  We have a lotto do in the nearest future. I believe we can work in even more effective way for the whole region and use the full potential which the Baltic Sea Region cities possess.

  With Baltic Sea greetings,


Per Bodker Andersen
President of UBC

Kolding, November 2009

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