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Dear UBC Friends,

  The UBC Antenna Office in Brussels is open. All members now have a great opportunity to be heard and understood during the EU decision-making processes. They can speak through the UBC with one, and thus stronger voice.

  The goals of the UBC Representation in Brussels are in compliance with the strategic objectives of the Union. The office will concentrate its work and efforts on strengthening the UBC s presence in the European institutional dialogue and debate. Promoting and lobbying the interests of the UBC member cities and the whole region are the focal activities of the Brussels' office.

  To achieve these goals, the UBC Antenna Office, hosted by the Stockholm Region Office, provides numerous services. Administrative support desk facilitates the practical functioning with its working premises, Internet and contact list databases in relation to thematic areas linked to the UBC priorities. The Union and the Baltic Sea Region will be promoted by disseminating the information in the Internet and thematic newsletter and the communication policy. Another important task is policy monitoring and lobbying actions in collaboration with UBC representatives. Additionally, events, meetings and seminars are to be organised by the UBC Brussels' office. Last but not least, assistance in EU-policy and monitoring of EU-funding is provided in order to keep all UBC members up-dated on relevant initiatives, programmes and policies.

  The Antenna Office is, moreover, a working space for the UBC members and can be used by each UBC city representatives when staying in Brussels whenever needed.

  Many of our cities are already represented in Brussels directly or by the regional offices. We hope for close cooperation with them, exchange of experience and ideas. For those members who do not have own representations, the UBC Antenna Office will serve as a useful, and, hopefully, effective device to influence even more effectively the EU policies which have impact on local authorities.

  This issue of Bulletin provides numerous interesting articles describing the work of cities' and regions' representations in Brussels. The authors present the potential of their EU offices, benefits and advantages but also challenges that are connected with being represented in Brussels. The Baltic Cities Bulletin additionally contains information on current meetings, conferences and projects of the UBC.

  I hope that the idea of being closer the European Union will soon bring many tangible, positive results for all UBC members and the Baltic Sea Region. The official opening of the UBC Antenna Office will take place in December. The representatives of member cities and European institutions will be invited.

  Dear UBC Friends, welcome to Brussels!


Per Bodker Andersen

Kolding, 1 November 2006

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