White Book on Governance - a Step in the Right Direction

Cities and Dialogue on Governance in Europe

Rapid Progress in Web-Based Administration

CoE Conference on Management of Capital Cities

Development of Information Society

Good Governance for Cooperation

Kotka has New Strategy

IT-vision - Citizens in Focus

City Governance in Berlin

New Public Management Recommendations

Parliamentary and District Reforms

Södermöre Ward in Kalmar

New Territorial Administration

Three Stage Reform

Strategic Planning in Klaipeda

Koszalin Close-up

To Meet Community Needs

Still Rolling since 1994

Regeneration Programme


The 24-Hour City

Electronic Saint Petersburg is a Reality

Metropolitan Initiative

Friendly Bureau

Administration Reform

Reinforcing Social Interaction

Infocity Project

E-stands for Everybody

Municipality and Citizens to Join Forces


34th Executive Board Meeting in Viljandi

UBC Social Campaign "Without Limits"

Cooperation Agreement with Eurocities

"The Meeting Point of Different Cultures"

To the Information Society Together!

MARE ARTICUM Reflects on the Social Issues

Social Charter soon in All Baltic Languages

Discussions about Business Development

EMAS in Environmental Management

Participation Record in ComEnv

UBC and EC in Environmental Governance

Commission on Tourism Met in Palanga

Developing Historical Industrial Belt of St. Petersburg

Bicycle Seminar in Cesis

EU-Coordinators Network Annual Meeting

UBC Adventures in Africa

Strengthen Women in the EU Enlargement Process

3rd Baltic NGO Forum in Turku

Enlargement from Local and Regional Perspective

Equal Rights and Opportunities

Sustainability and Citizens


Europe Prize for Gdynia

The WeeGee House

Kiel-Sailing City

Oasis of Music

Swedish and Danish Were the same Languages

Structure for Social Rehabiltation

European Amber Road

Malbork-Sztum Investment Park

Investments and Financing

Turku Bio-Valley is Building up Fast

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