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The UBC Bulletin 1/98

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Here you can read the UBC Bulletin number 1/98.

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Page 1- The trade flow within the Baltic Sea Region is increasing
by 25% anually.
Page 2- Views on Baltic Business Culture.
Page 3- Aalborg.
- Riga business connections blossom.
- Gdansk hostes Bridgehead offices.
Page 4- Contact Convention '98.
- Baltic Business Center in Klaipeda.
Page 5- Twin Cities and business.
- Ferry traffic is blooming in the port of Rostock.
- Technology drives Tampere.
Pages 6-7- Växjö fosters commerce and entrepreneurship.
- Lahti promotes business.
- Industrial development in Siauliai.
Page 8- Working and living on the water in Kiel - Creating
future-oriented infrastructure.

Pages 9-10- 19th Meeting of the UBC Executive Board.
Page 11- A new strategy for the UBC.
- Strategy timetable.
- Cities opinion on the UBC aims.
Page 12- See information further down on this page.
Page 13- Task Force meets in Szczecin.
- UBC - EU INFORMATION-PROJECT to be continued?
Pages 14-15- Local Agenda 21 Programme for UBC.
- UBC Women's Network - Call for operation.
- Commission on Culture Calendar Events.

Page 16- 5th Nordic-Baltic Conference.
- Active Towns Conference.
Page 17- Urban invites to exchange of experience in Rostock.
Page 18- Land art in Klaipeda in July.
- III Baltic Sea Conference.
Page 19- Kvinnnor Kan - Idea and trade affair.
- EUROFEM Conference.
Page 20- Baltic Logal Agenda 21 Conference.
- Gdansk and Local Agenda.
Page 21- Local Agenda process in Lahti.
- The Glass Palace in Helsinki - Old bazaar turned into an
Media Centre.
Page 22- Baltic Beetle Tour.
- Baltic Meeting Point.

At page 12, according to Acrobat reader (page 13 - UBC Bulletin), you will notice that there is a table missing. The table (summary of a questionnaire) can be found at this link: Missing table

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