Let's get involved! Inteview with Per Bødker Andersen, UBC President
UBC Formula. Interview with Anders Engström, UBC Honorary President
Ready for the Future
Looking out from the former backyard
Cooperation around the South Baltic Sea
Kiel benefits from the network
Super cities in super region
20 years of cooperation
Næstved celebrates with the UBC
The door to the new world
From problem solving to prevention and Green Lahti
Kemi-snow, ice and diamonds
Kaliningrad - development picks up
Jyväskylä - human technology city
Cinderella story in Jelgava
Ideas of Solidarity for the future generations
The embankment of the port canal open to the public
Heading for the future cherishing the past
Örebro for the nature and people
Pruszcz Gdański. City of changes and development
Towards sustainability with improved transportation system
Transforming Tampere. From an Industrial Town into Congress City
Trelleborg for the prosperous future
Sustainable urban development
Preservation of cultural heritage
Curiosity and Passion-in the land of eight seasons
Jēkabpils - city of the right changes
From tradition to modernity
The Stone City
Revival of the Kärdla Yacht Harbour
A unique cross-border partnership
Communication has changed radically
Investments in Gdynia
Koszalin, a dynamic city
Culture as a long-term investment in the future of Vilnius
St. Nicolas in Visby goes Kultudral
Malbork. One day is not enough!
Międzyzdroje increases its attractiveness
Palanga Tourist Information Centre expands

New Bridges project resulted in Kärdla in a new function of the harbour area


UBC Board met in Lahti
Welcome to XI UBC General Conference in Liepāja!
New solutions for promoting sustainable development
Vilnius as a venue for sharing good practices to ensure public order in cities
Innovative and sustainable cities
Back in Action
Gdańsk-a city of gender equality
Gender Equality Best Practices: My business, my future
Youth in Turku
UBC Cultural Prize 2011
Using Time Travel to Explore Turning Points in History
ERSC: Road safety in Sweden
The time machine in Paide
Žalgiris Arena - the biggest sports complex in the Baltics
Economic hot point on top of Europe
News from Jõhvi
Breathtaking cultural events in Malbork
Making Gdańsk safer
GreenCity program supports new growth of Lahti
A brand new Arena for EuroBasket 2011
The youth of Europe, whip up!
Mariehamn celebrates
Live like a Viking
Viljandi - home of Estonian heritage
The universal design comes to Liepāja
Karlskrona - Gdynia cooperation
New Mayor in Næstved
A European Maritime Day that puts people first
Amber Cup Słupsk 2011
20 years UBC

Welcome to Liepāja! XI UBC General Conference will be held on 5-6 October 2011
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