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Dear UBC Friends,

  When I thinkaboutthe Baltic Sea Region what immediately crosses my mind are unique sandy beaches, great sailing traditions and cultural heritage, inspiring mixture of cultures and histories. Dynamism and creativity. Experience and innovations. Diversity.

  Do we have our common Baltic identity? We still look for a recognizable brand which is undoubtedly a must to make the region more visible and competitive as a tourist destination. However, we cannot create it out of our cultural context. We need to understand and accept the fact that the Baltic Sea Region's diversity, its cultures and heritage are the greatest assets and these should lie at the core of the region's brand. What may distinguish ourselves is the focus on sustainability, also in tourism, respecting the environment and ensuring long-term conservation of natural and cultural resources.

  This edition of the Baltic Cities Bulletin presents the UBC cities' tourism policies, projects and initiatives undertaken to attract more visitors. Also, the interesting stories show how to successfully cooperate with other cities or organizations to foster the tourism development. The articles describing sustainable practices and "green destination" policies developed in cities deserve a great attention.

  The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region seems to be a good instrument to promote our Baltic diversity as an asset. It is intended to increase the region's attractiveness.

  Moreover, the EU Strategy may, if fully and properly used, effectively promote the sustainable tourism potential of the region. The projects aiming at the preservation of cultural heritage and promotion of environmentally-friendly initiatives will hopefully help to work out the common tourism strategy.

  The awareness of the tourist potential of the Baltic Sea Region is not enough.The EU Strategy is a chance to act, to initiate or join the projects that will improve the region's accessibility, tourism infrastructure and visibility.

  Why don't you spend your summer holidays in one of our beautiful Baltic cities?

  With Baltic Sea greetings,


Per Bodker Andersen
President of UBC

Kolding, May 2010

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