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The city of Pärnu


Dear UBC Friends!

  The IX General Conference of the Union of the Baltic Cities is approaching. This time we will meet in Pärnu, Estonia, on 27-28 September 2007 to discuss the most burning questions of our times. The main three themes of the Conference will be: climate change - cities' response, culture as a driving force for municipal development and involvement of youth in democracy and in the life of society.

  In recent years the question of how to prevent the climate change and all consequences it implicates has been one of the most often asked on the governmental and the international level. However, setting the ambitious targets and creating special policies on energy or climate protection is not enough. It is time for local authorities to consider their role in this process, as their commitment seems to be essential for success. What exactly can they do to prevent or reduce the consequences of the climate change? The participants of our Conference will be discussing the effectiveness of different tools and actions such as reduction of CO2 emissions, use of friendly renewable energy, more efficient use of energy, etc. Moreover, the conference will provide a forum for exchanging ideas on how to prepare the cities for negative effects of climate change, like the raise of sea level.

  The UBC is also going to attract the participants' attention to the youth problems. Involvement of youth in democracy and in the life of society will focus on the question how the economy and society can benefit from the interaction with young people. The Union is of the opinion that the youth is a valuable resource for the development of cities and the whole Baltic Sea Region. The participation of young people brings new dimensions, perspectives and expertise in the municipal work. I have no doubt that the increased dialogue and improved communication with this group of citizens should be one of the main tasks of the local authorities. The Youth Conference organised at the same time as the UBC General Conference will hopefully let the young meet and discuss with the decision-makers.

  The next theme, culture as a driving force for municipal development, will provide the opportunity to present the new dimension of the urban development policies. This issue of the Bulletin devoted to this topic shall be a great basis for further discussion on how the inclusion of the cultural perspective into the local strategies influences the city's growth. Interesting articles clearly show that the cultural climate of the city, its tolerant, vibrant atmosphere, diversity of lifestyles and variety of art-scenes are crucial to attract people and businesses.

  Welcome to the IX UBC General Conference!


Per Bodker Andersen
President of UBC

Kolding, May 2007

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