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Dear UBC Friends,

  The theme of this issue of the Baltic Cities Bulletin is on the situation of the disabled in our cities, as a reminder that the Council of the European Union has declared 2003 as the Year of the Disabled. This is a very important issue, not only for the disabled themselves but also because a society clearly shows its true values by the way it treats its weakest citizens and by the degree of participation by those outside the mainstream of the citizens.

   The disabled policies have undergone a tremendous development in our eastern member cities compared with the situation during communist rule. Matters can always be improved, but it is clear that the direction of the policies is towards further integration and participation if the disabled in all our member cities.

   Some say that taking care of disabled people mainly is a matter of resources, and only countries at a certain economic level can afford the luxury of having a policy promoting integration and participation of the disabled. In this respect we could learn from our UBC-LVRLAC Co-operation project, as you can read in one of the articles in this issue. Although Uganda is one of the 10 poorest countries in the world, it shows that a lot can be done if you have the heart and a positive attitude.

   UBC and the UBC Commissions are expanding their activities all the time, to the benefit of our members. However, expanding activities cost money, and the UBC board will continue to discuss ways of improving our finances. There are several initiatives, but it is unavoidable also raise the membership fee at the next UBC General Conference. Most of the money will come back to the members as contribution to the activities of the UBC Commissions.

   We are getting closer to the 7th UBC General Conference in Klaipeda in October this year. We will discuss the role of cities in the positive economic development in our region under the theme "The Baltic Sea Wave - Business Development in the New Europe". Preparations are well under way and we have invited very distinguished and interesting speakers to the conference, so I am certain that it will be a very rewarding and inspiring General Conference.

   Welcome to the UBC General Conference in Klaipeda!


Per Bodker Andersen

Kolding, May 2003

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