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Ewa Kurjata


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Summer entertainment on Søndergade - the main street in Horsens
photo by Henrik Winther-Olsen

Dear friends,

An important task for UBC in the future is to involve youth and the young generation more in our organisation. I believe that a major problem for our cities is the lack of engagement of youth in city politics. However, I do not believe this is a sign of lack of interest from the young persons. On the contrary, the young generation is deeply engaged in issues of future, for example environment and sustainable development. The problem is to give space for the young generation and adapt the policies of cities to the needs and interests to their needs. I do think that the present issue of the Baltic Cities Bulletin will give an overview of what is happening in this field in the UBC member cities !

The enlargement process has proceeded during the Swedish EU presidency. People in Brussels are optimistic, even if the hardest chapters are far from solved, for example agriculture. Many leaders from the applicant countries, on the other hand, are pessimistic because of the problems of agreeing on a date for the accession. One more worrying aspect is the falling popular support for EU membership. In some applicant countries the EU sceptics even have a majority among the voters

One reason for this is the great distance between the ordinary people and the officials and politicians who are actively engaged in the issue. The UBC Board Meeting in Cesis therefore adopted a resolution which was sent to the governments in the Baltic Sea Region and to the EU Commission. The main message was that the cities should be more involved in the enlargement process. The cities also need support in their work to prepare for the EU enlargement - today the cities are in general left to their own in this important process. After all, practically every aspect of city activity will be influenced very much of the enlargement

We are approaching the next UBC General Conference in Rostock in October. The UBC general conferences are always an excellent opportunity to meet other cities and to discuss common matters. You are also very welcome to celebrate the 10 th anniversary of UBC during the General Conference !

With Baltic Sea Greetings


Anders Engström


UBC President

Kalmar, May 2001

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