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UBC Commissions and Networks

The main work in UBC is carried out in UBC commissions and networks. Commissions are active in specific sectors of city activities. The UBC Networks are cross-sectoral and engaged in issues that are important for every field of city activity. The UBC Commissions & Networks have numerous activities in their respective fields ranging from music festivals and sports events to concrete projects and training seminars.

Business Co-operation
The Commission is a tool to exchange experiences and information within the field of business and trade and to promote contacts between the business communities

The aim is to stimulate and co-ordinate culture and art projects, events and co-operation among UBC members to foster contacts and develop joint cultural projects.


The main field of activity is Pupils and Students exchange (Baltic Sea Classes), Distance Education projects and other adult education projects.

The aim is to increase co-operation and exchange of experiences and know-how between member cities and with other networks and actors. The commission initiates, co-ordinates and runs several projects and represents the UBC in the environmental co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region and Europe in many various forums.

Health and Social Affairs
The aim is exchange of experiences between UBC cities in the field of labour market, health policy and services, raising of public awareness on poverty and its consequences, diseases, as well as social organisations. The project target groups are: children, youth, women, handicapped, elderly and unemployed persons.

The Commission creates and promotes contacts between young people in the area of sport and physical education as well as to spread information about UBC activities.

The aim is to promote tourism in the Baltic Sea Region. The Commission focuses on education and development of sustainable tourism.

Among the priorities are to learn why and how to improve the conditions of cyclists and pedestrians, how to develop the management of public transport systems and exchange of information on the potential for mobility management - tools to develop efficient, sustainable transport habits.

Urban Planning
The aim is to increase the awareness of the issues facing urban planning, construction and architecture among UBC member cities. The Commission has created a network of town and regional planners, architects, civil engineers and other professionals committed to improving the quality of life in the Baltic Sea cities.

EU Co-ordinators Network
The EU Co-ordinator task is to co-ordinate information on EU to the various city departments, to assist in EU related activities and to promote city departments to take active part in projects and other EU activities. The EU Co-ordinator works across city sectors.

UBC Women's Network
It is of great importance for a democratic development that women in the UBC member cities are involved in the co- operation at all levels. UBC Women's Network is established to support and ensure this development.

Agenda 21 Co-ordinators Network
This network of Agenda 21 co-ordinators in UBC member cities and several other networks and organisations that works with Agenda 21 in the Baltic Sea Region and in Europe. The UBC Commission on Environment is responsible for this network.

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