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Annual meeting of UBC Commission on Culture

Dear Friends,

Culture is our identity, culture is a means to express our identity.

A rich, living and blooming culture is the drive of our community and the vehicle for bettering social cohesion and inclusion.

Politicians and professionals - both within the cultural field and the social area are aware of the potential of culture for a better social inclusion.

Cultural professionals though, need to discuss how far can culture go in being a tool for social inclusion?

If we look at the EU objectives, we also need to discuss if culture can play a part of these objectives:

Europe 2020 is the EU´s growth strategy for the coming decade. The goal is to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. These three mutually reinforcing priorities should help the EU and the Member States deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. The Union has set five ambitious objectives on employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy to be reached by 2020. Each Member State has adopted its own national targets in each of these areas and has set up concrete actions.

How far can culture help these objectives? How far does culture want to go in being an instrument. How do professionals within culture deal with the pressure from the political arena, and how do we ensure, that culture stays a rich and blooming and thriving force in itself.

The annual meeting of the UBC Commission on Culture will deal with this issue, and we kindly invite you and your colleagues to join us fo a vivid discussion!

10 December 2012, Riga – 11 December 2012, Cēsis, Latvia.

The preliminary programme of the meeting is enclosed.

Furthermore the UBC Commission of Culture calls for proposals for cultural projects organized together with one or more UBC cities. The only criteria is that it is a genuine cooperation between the UBC cities. The commission has a small fund for this purpose, namely 3000€ in total. Please note the deadline 18th of November 2012.

Attached please also find the latest newsletter of the Commission on Culture.

With kind regards,

Lone Leth Larsen
UBC Commission on Culture
Lone Leth Larsen
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