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Aesthetic learning processes and young people's creativity

The creativity of young people has become an ever more important issue. Cultural expressions, stimulating and using one's all senses like art, film, media, theatre, dance, music and other cultural forms, are closely connected to creativity and innovation. Schools focus on reading- writing- mathematics but would have much to gain by opening for the broader potential of creativity that lies in the human nature.
It is important that young people, both in there leisure time and in school, have better access to creative activities than they have now. Contact between artists and art institutions, which possess the skill and competence, and schools who need it, is lacking. The international dialogue in these matters needs improving.
Objectives: We want to develop the role of culture and creativity in school, within all subjects, related to the tasks and goals in school. We want to develop new and more open structures in leisure activities for young people to reach wider ranges of creativity, which has the potential to lead to a professional career. We want to develop contacts and a flexible form of cooperation between artists, cultural institutions and schools and find new and better ways to create culture/creative activities for young people in their leisure time. We want to develop contacts, concrete cooperation and interchange of ideas in these matters around the Baltic, both on the level of organizations and between young people.
Activities: Create a dialogue between artists and pedagogues in school to develop new and more creative ways of learning. Development projects to reach young people in their leisure time. Evaluation and research is to be continued in cooperation with universities. A bank of methods and experience, where project partners, schools, cultural institutions, universities etc collaborate, is created as a ground for long time development in the field. In this way we want to create a lasting dialogue for development in these matters around the Baltic Sea.
This is what we would like to reach in the project:
Young people get better access to their creative capabilities. Possibilities for increased cooperation and mutual understanding is created between the representatives of the cultural sector, school and professional life. Open and interdisciplinary methods to increase creativity connected to work in art is created for use in school and inspiring young people in their leisure time. To establish arenas in the participating municipalities/regions with partners from schools, cultural organisations and institutions, cultural workers and universities. Methods for grades related to the goals in school are developed. Scientific research and analysis to support the development to a more creative school has been carried out. The ground is set for a lasting development for how the arts can support creativity in schools, professional life and in meeting young people in their leisure time. A ground is set for a lasting cooperation around the Baltic in development of methods and work between the participating partners both on organizational level and individual level.

Contact: Jan Martinsson

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