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Search for partners from Kaunas

Search for partners to the project:
„Innovative models for the development of historical centres of non-capital cities across the Baltic Sea“

Dear Colleagues around the Baltic Sea, 

Please find attached the description of the project idea offered by Kaunas Old Town Society „Innovative models for the development of historical centres of non-capital cities across the Baltic Sea“. Kaunas Old Town Society unites local business owners, artists, representatives of academic and cultural institutions who work in the old town.

The aim of this project is to professionally evaluate the good practices of the development of historical centres of non-capital cities by showing the variety of their development models and possibilities of their application in different contexts. Kaunas City Municipality supports the idea and if the concept note receives the positive evaluation from the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region programme, we will agree to take part at the Project as a partner.

At the moment we are searching for the international partners for this Project. Partners can be local authority organisations, social, non-governmental organisations, associations, therefore we kindly ask you to share this information with such organisations in your city or region which could be interested in this theme. We also kindly ask to consider a possibility to act as the Lead Partner of the Project. For more information about the Interreg programme please look up in the Internet: http://www.interreg-baltic.eu/home.html .

We are looking forward to receiving your response until 15 January 2015. Contact persons are given in the attached file.

Kind regards,

Rima Kubiliūtė
Tarptautinių ryšių ir protokolo skyriaus vyr. specialistė
Kauno miesto savivaldybės administracija
Laisvės al. 96, LT-44251 Kaunas
Tel.: (8-37) 42 40 11, (8-645) 06 937


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