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WANTED: Erasmus+ Project partner search - Project for Youthworkers

Hi everyone,

We are currently looking for 4 (four) Erasmus+ project-partners for the upcoming deadline of October 1st

Our project proposal is as follows:

Project title: Improving local youth work by bringing an multi- and intercultural, European dimension into the mindset of youth workers

Project period:h

  • February 1st 2015 – May 31st 2016

Project Goals:

  • At least one project submitted to a NA for the first 2016 deadline
  • Development of best practice guides (in English and local languages) on international youth work
  • Establish an international forum for exchange of ideas and best practices
  • To see other practices of youth work in other countries

Through trainingcourses and jobshadowing activities we will achieve the following goals with participating youth workers:

  • Give youth workers an intercultural understanding and European awareness to bring into local youth work
  • Educate youth workers about Erasmus+ programme.
  • Educate youth workers in the positive effects of transnational work, e.g. youth exchanges
  • Sharpen the youth workers European dimension as well as European focus in local youth work
  • Exchange practices and ideas of local youth work

Project activities:

  • 2 training courses during the period with all participants – each 3-5 days
  • 2 sets of job shadowing activities – each 1 week
  • 1 local seminar for interested parties
  • 4 online meetings between project managers

Partner requirements:

Each partner is required to have at least 1 project manager and 4 youth worker participants

  • Project manager will be responsible for carrying out all local project work (evaluation, local meetings, events etc.) as well as take part in all online meetings as point out in project timetable
  • Participants will in pairs of two take part in jobshadowing in two other countries (total of 2 weeks per/participant)


  • The project will be funded through EU/Erasmus+ KA1 – Mobility for Youth workers
  • Partner organization must be willing to cover all other relevant expenses.
  • Partner organization must assist/facilitate their youth workers in the project

Selection of partners will be done on September 15th or 16th  

Please write back to us as soon as possible if you are interested in this project.

You can also write back to us if you have further questions

Venlig hilsen

Carsten Adamsen


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