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Possibility of Internship from San Sebastián

Dear Sir /Madame,

Fomento de San Sebastian, Municipal company in charge of the economic development of the city of San Sebastian (Basque Country - Spain) is working with Mobility programmes with the aim of improving the training and education of young people through the evelopment of specific projects in other countries.

At this moment we are developing the project 'Professional Training in Emerging Industries- Prácticas en empresas europeas para jóvenes de Donostialdea' under the Leonardo initiative. Please attached some information about Leonardo Programme.

The project is about Mobility for young people from San Sebastian. It will award 30 grants to young people, either university graduates or holders of vocational qualifications, to spend 24 weeks abroad and will offer the participants professional training within their field of speciality as well as expand their knowledge and improve their technical and linguistic aptitudes and abilities.

Fomento is currently in the initial stage of selecting organisations interested in receiving and hosting participants. The planning is young people could start working in organisations in other countries by January, February 2014.

We would wondering that maybe your organisations could be interested in receiving people from San Sebastian for a period of 24 weeks, or you know other organisations that could be interested. The internship is fully funded by Fomento de San Sebastian. Under no circumstances will it entail any cost for the host organisation

I would be very grateful if you could let me know your initial interest. In that case I attached an application form in order to collect your specific interest and the work to be developed.

I kindly ask to show me your interest asap

Thanks a lot for your collaboration

Kind Regards


Elisabeth Jorge
European Projects
Donostiako Sustapena - Fomento de San Sebastián
Tel.: +34 943482800

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