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Innovation Circle - summer camp 2013 in Scotland 11-16 August, "European Cities of Tomorrow"

Hello dear IC Network friends,

Please help us to forward this invitation to whom it may concern. The IC summer event in Scottland is still open for registration, until 1th July.

The event is open for all youths. The core group is between 15 and 21. However, we are not excluding youths close to these ages. Youths below 18 should be guided by leader(s).

This will definately become a great international event if we are able to gather youths from various European countries to team up in Scottland and discuss the future of Europe and share ideas which can be useful for the development of their home cities, towns and villages.

The Planning Aid for Scotland has prepared a good program and we just should encourage many youths to register.

Please help us to forward this email within your own networks. Full board accommodation and program will be charged 200 euro per person, including transfer between Edinburgh airport and Benmore center.

Registration can most easily be done by filling in the form under this link:  http://www.innovationcircle.net/your-chance-to-shape-the-future.5237736-97612.html 

The program is attached to this email.  European Youth Camp Program (401.02 KB)

Keep in touch and I wish you a nice working week !

Best regards
Alf S. Johansen
Secretary general
Innovation Circle Network
e-mail: alf@nku.no

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