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Letter from the President on Marketing and Communication Strategy

Dear UBC Friends,

At the General Conference 2009 in Kristiansand the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) decided to create a new communication and marketing strategy. The UBC Executive Board meeting in Lahti (March 11th, 2011) decided on the practical implementation of its preparatory process and nominated the cities of Kristiansand and Kiel to be in charge of this preparation.

The strategy will have to answer many questions such as: In what ways should the UBC communicate internally and externally in the future? Can we improve the communication to other international organizations such as other Baltic Sea Region organizations, the Nordic Council, EU and the UN among others? In order to answer these questions it is essential to have a thorough process where the member cities can both be heard and included in the project.

The objective of the strategy process and the ensuing report is to define and describe the future marketing and communication strategy of the Union of the Baltic Cities. This will improve our internal and external communication and adapt it to the rapid changes, possibilities and threats that can be found in the emergence of new media and financial crisis. It will also increase our ability to project our organisation and its values to the outside better than before.

The idea is to create a lasting and proactive concept and to involve all members in the different phases of the project. By making the results accessible to everyone we will increase the interest and involvement in this crucial process. In writing you I am already taking part in this new, exciting process and we will see it grow during the next half year. At this point I also urge you to take part in the surveys that are to come.

In addition, there will be organized workshops that aim at crafting the new strategy at the General Conference in Liepaja in October. Only with your help and participation we can create a successful outcome. We have hired marketing consultancy Tendensor from Kalmar, Sweden, to assist us with this process. I hope you will look forward to the results of this transparent process as much as I do.

For more detailed information please contact the cities of Kiel (Wolfgang Schmidt), Kristiansand (Øyvind Lyngen Laderud) or the UBC Secretariat as well as the president. Frequent project updates will also be available on the UBC website.

With Baltic Sea greetings,

Per Bødker Andersen
UBC President

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