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UBC Commission on Tourism Competition “Tourist hit of 2011 season”
Announcement of UBC Commission on Tourism Competition

"Tourist hit of 2011 season"

1. The main subject and objectives of the competition are selection and promotion of the best product, site, event, idea in the field of tourism. The main aim of the competition is to promote the Baltic Sea Region as a tourist destination. The best tourist product, site, event or idea in the field of tourism will be selected based on the following criteria:

a) Compliance with the objectives of the UBC;

b) Compliance with the objectives of the CoT;

c) Extent of the impact – (e.g. number of participants, media impact). You are kindly asked to include all the verification documents – for example list of participants, media publications.

2. Territorial scope of competition is Baltic Sea Region.

3. Time Schedule: Competition refers to activities that shall happen between 1 May and 31 October 2011. Applications are to be submitted via e-mail and in written form until 1 November 2011 (the date on the post stamp is decisive). Announcement of results latest by 30 November. Payment of prize money will take place in December 2011 .

4. Participants of the competition - only cities belonging to the UBC. Application may be submitted by the competent authority with the mayor’s signature. Each UBC member city may submit no more than one application .

5. The jury - will consist of the UBC member cities: 5 different cities which shall select the president of the jury among themselves. The members of the jury are selected during the spring CoT meeting .

6. Best application selection - members of the jury shall receive the electronic version of all applications. After reading all applications they shall form their „ranking” list – positioning the best application as number one and the weakest – the last number on the list. The president of the jury shall receive e-mail (cc. to all members and CoT Chairman) with ranking lists from each member of the jury and shall prepare the report summarising the results. The president of the jury is responsible for preparing the final list.

7. Prizes - All applications shall be described and promoted within the UBC with all possible means. The prizes shall be granted to the first three best applications from the final ranking list.

8. Value of prizes - The amount of prize is agreed upon during the meeting related to the competition. I prize: 1500 Euro; II prize – 1000 Euro; III prize – 500 Euro.

9. Prize payment - On motion of the CoT Chairman (after receiving the final report from the jury) – transferred to the bank account indicated in the application (the official city’s bank account).

10. Handing out certificates / diplomas – will take place during the spring meeting of the CoT. Representatives of the authorities of the winning cities shall be invited to the CoT meeting. At the same time the new edition of the competition will be announced.

The application should be submitted by e-mail (j.minkiewicz@karrsa.pl) and in written form by post to:

Commission on Tourism
Koszalinska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego
ul. Przemyslowa 8
75-216 Koszalin

For more information please contact:

Mr Ryszard Zdrojewski
Chairman of the Commission on Tourism
Tel. +48 94 3475178
Tel. +48 94 3416330
Fax +48 94 3416088
Mob. +48 790410610
e-mail: r.zdrojewski@karrsa.pl

Application form (75.5 KB)

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