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Dear Sir/Madam,

Below please find an invitation from the
International Urban Development Association.

kind regards,
Pawel Zaboklicki

Od: "Line Algoed" <l.algoed@inta-net.org>
Do: "pawel zaboklicki" <pawel.zaboklicki@gdansk.gda.pl>, "pawel zaboklicki" <pawel.zaboklicki@ubc.net>
Wysłane: środa, 6 kwiecień 2011 14:49:41
Temat: INTA Roundtable in Tallinn

Dear Mr Zaboklicki,

I am pleased to contact you on behalf of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, that you know well. We are organising an International Roundtable Conference in collaboration with the City of Tallinn and the London Architectural Association, for which we would very much like to invite you and some members of the Union of Baltic Cities to participate.
The Roundtable is called "RETHINKING PUBLIC BUILDINGS FOR A NEW CIVIC LANDSCAPE: The City Hall as Headquarter for Intelligent Cities" and is taking place in Tallinn, Estonia from 27-28 May 2011.

The Roundtable in Tallinn will explore in a forward-looking, interactive and practice-oriented discussion between global practitioners and local stakeholders the changing role of the public building and its contribution to civic interactions. Practitioners will interact with the audience to jointly produce refreshing and heartening ideas, concepts and visualisations that may help to anticipate future challenges. The purpose is to support the integration of the new Tallinn City Hall, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, into the urban transformation process.

The Roundtable will address:

 • the role of city halls and other public (government) buildings as accelerators of public value-based development
 • the changing patterns of workspace and the influence on the use of public buildings
 • new solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability through smart infrastructure
 • the influence of architecture and design on organisational structures 
 • the changing role of government - distributed forms of government and the relation between government and citizens

We would be very grateful if you could forward this information to any potentially interested participants from the Union of Baltic Cities and/or publish the event on your calendar.
Let me know if you need any further information. 
I look forward to hearing from you on this. 
We hope to meet you in Tallinn and to be able to welcome members from your network.
With best regards,
Line Algoed
Director for Development
International Urban Development Association
Association Internationale du Développment Urbain

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INTA is a global membership association where public and private policy-makers and urban practitioners 
come together to share knowledge, experience and performing tools for integrated urban development.

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