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UBC Commission on Health and Social Affairs Letter of Intent

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Upon the agreement of the UBC Board, The City of Elbląg presides over the works of UBC Commission on Health and Social Affairs from 2011.

On behalf of the City of Elbląg, as a Chairman of the Commission I have a pleasure and honour to invite representatives of UBC members to participate in its activities.

Health and social problems are common and affect all inhabitants of Baltic Sea Region, nevertheless previous attempts to maintain activity in this domain were ineffective.

For this reason, main topic the Commission should focus on, is its reactivation.

This revival is a major and challenging goal.

In my opinion Commission work could concentrate on such issues as: unemployment, efficiency and accessibility to health and social care, migration, aging population, social exclusion, homelessness, public health and management in this field however every other suggestions, proposals and plans are warmly welcome.

Commission activities shall be implemented via exchange of experiences in the field of health and social affairs, sharing knowledge of problems, approaches, solutions and developing mutual relations.

After receiving Your acceptance to participate in the work of the Commission we will discuss the practical arrangements. We also plan to organize as soon as possible a kick-off meeting to consider future operations and establish more detailed priority areas.

Use of technologies allowing participation via Internet for greater convenience is possible likewise, since so far, practice has shown, that the financial situation and the amount of urgent issues in health and social administration in the member cities, affects negatively their ability to participate and involvement in the Commission’s work. Though I do believe that together we are capable of tackling these problems.

I share the vision of our cities as forward thinking municipalities with a high standard of living and long-term sustainable growth and hope that our cooperation is an important measure to answer this challenge.

Once again I kindly invite You to join Commission on Health and Social Affairs and await Your reply.

If You have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me:

Wojciech Drozd (w.drozd@wp.pl)

Tel. +48 502 059 147

Looking forward to hearing from You soon. 


Wojciech Drozd

Chairman, UBC Commission on Health and Social Affairs

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