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Baltic Sea project for youth


Dear UBC Friends,

It is pleasure for UBC Education Commission and Kärdla Town Government to invite all students from UBC member cities join the Interactive Baltic Sea project for youth. Project will start on the 25th of January. This project is meant for students who are born from 1994 to 1997, care about nature and are interested protecting the Baltic Sea. Project contains of five parts in which the students can acquire the theoretical and practical knowledges.

Parts of the project are open in chronological order:

• reading (25.01.-28.02) - students have to read texts very carefully because texts are quite specific.

• quiz (1.03-31.03)- questions in quiz are based on the texts student have to learn before ( Sea flora, Using chemicals near water, Importance of canalization, Trash and Baltic Sea). If student has decided to take the quiz, then he/she has to confirm it, because during resolving quiz texts are hidden.

• coast survey (1.04-31.05) - student can print out page with subitems of what he/she has to pay attention during coast survey. Student can choose between two areas harbor or beach.

• drawing pictures (1.06-15.08) - every student has to draw a picture with pencils, watercolor, gouache or whatever he/she likes with but the condition is that it has to be handmade. Then they have to scan it to computer and upload to projects page. Picture theme is "What is the most interesting thing/animal/act I saw during coast survey"

• writing an essay (15.08-30.09) - topic for essay is "What interesting I learned during project". The length of essay is up to 1 A4, font size 12 and font type Times New Roman.

To join this program then student have to register after what student gets personal password and username. It is possible to join that program till 28th February.

In the autumn identify three students who have been most successful, the grand prize is iPod Nano. The jury consist of 5 members from UBC Education Commission.

Prize fond is 700 Euro:

• First place 192 Euro - iPod Nano

• Second place 128 Euro - Skullcandy headphone

• Third place 82 Euro - Speedlink Medusa ProGamer 5.1. Headphone

• Consolation prizes are 5 x small headphones and 5 x books about Kärdla “Sisepeegeldus”.

For more information contact Kadri Randmaa randmaa@kardla.ee  or Annely Veevo Annely.Veevo@kardla.ee

Best regards,

Annely Veevo 

Communication and Project Manager
Kärdla Town Government
Head of Secretariat
UBC Commission on Education
Keskväljak 5a, Kärdla 92413 Estonia
Tel. +372 4636093, GSM +372 5275995

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