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UBC Cities Events Calendar 2011 - call

Dear UBC Friends,

The UBC invites you to send the material to the next 2011 edition of the UBC Cities Events Calendar.

Provide us with the highlights from the variety of events held in your cities. Promote the main business, cultural, sporting, recreational activities and exhibitions planned for 2011. Attract even more visitors!

This calendar will allow the readers to be up-to-date on what is going on in our cities and will help to plan the travels.

Previous edition is available at:


You are welcome to send us the list of planned events in 2011 containing such information as:  

- name of event

- date and place of the event

- highlights / short description (max 2-3 sentences for each event)

- contact persons (names, phone numbers, fax, e-mails, websites, etc)

- how to book accommodation

- travel tips (some facts on flight/train/ferry/car connections, maps, etc)  

Please include the interesting photos promoting your city (min. 300 ppi).  

Please list maximum up to 10 events. Do not send the tables. 

The material shall be delivered to: anna.dargiewicz@gdansk.gda.pl  by 26 November 2010. 

Let's make preliminary arrangements for the visits in the UBC cities! 

Looking forward to your reply,  

Paweł Żaboklicki
UBC Secretary General


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