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UBC Commission on Transportation Grant Competition - "Car-Free Day" - 2nd edition

Dear UBC Friends,

Following great interest in "Car-Free Day" Grant Competition the Commission on Transportation has decided to announce its second editition for UBC member cities.

Almost every day we get stuck in traffic jams. We spend money on fuel. Our cars move very slowly towards the traffic lights, and we get no chance to drive continually in our journeys. In rush hours there is no way of avoiding congestion. We hopelessly look for quicker routes to our destination. On top of all this other people's bad driving can cause us much stress. Who hasn't experienced such situations?

In order to reduce our stress and at the same time the exhaust fumes emission - let's try for at least one day a year to leave our cars in the garage. The World Car-Free Day is held annually on 22nd September. On this occasion we encourage all the people travelling to and from their workplaces to use any other means of transport - public transport, bicycles and first of all their feet - which keeps us in good condition!
This year 22nd of September falls on Tuesday and we are aware that the best time for organisation of the event of this kind is a weekend. Therefore the Commission on Transportation will also accept projects that will be organised during the weekends 19-20th September or 26-27th September.

Enclosed please find the rules of participation in the "Car-Free Day" grant competition together with the application form. Only municipalities are eligible to enter the competition. NGOs and other institutions willing to apply for a grant are obliged to submit their application forms by the agency of a municipality.

The deadline for sending project proposals is 4th September 2009. Completed application forms should be sent to the UBC Commission on Transportation Secretariat by e-mail (ubctransport@gdynia.pl) or by fax: +4858 621 86 20.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the UBC Commission on Transportation Secretariat.

Best regards,

Monika Pawlinska
UBC Commission on Transportation Secretariat
Gdynia City Hall
Al. Marsz. Pilsudskiego 52/54
81-382 Gdynia, Poland
Phone: +4858 668 82 06
Fax: +4858 621 86 20


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